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This is not a joke: The agent of Alvaro Morata meets with Liverpool

I have created the blog with the idea to share some funny stuff I come across. From time to time I have access to some interesting news concerning Liverpool Football Club, which I would like to share with you. As this is my only blog in English, I will be sharing the news here under the category “This is not a joke”. Of course, I am not an insider or anything like that, I will just post news that I believe there is some truth in. Please, take everything with a pinch of salt.

Juanma Lopez, the agent of Real Madrid’s striker Alvaro Morata, met with the managing director of Liverpool Ian Ayre last week, claims an Anfield source.

The meeting took place at Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester airport.

It is not known yet whether the meeting has anything to do with Morata. The striker rejected Liverpool in the past and made it clear that he wanted to move to London, with Arsenal being his preferable choice.

Gary Neville’s reaction on whether Liverpool can win the title this year

Gary Neville

Gary Neville

Liverpool have not won a league title since 1990 and are the last team not to win the Premiership when being first on Christmas, but most of the reds fans (including me, yes, I believe, “You Will Never Walk Alone”, etc.) feel like this could be their year (again, for the 23th consecutive time).

As it seems the Christmas spirit affected Jamie Carragher too, who answered the question “Can Liverpool win the league, Jamie?”, with “Liverpool could win it”:

As you can see, the former Manchester United defender Gary Neville agrees.

Funny players’ names

A futsal team recently fielded the following players during an indoor football tournament in Denmark:

Rub mé I’mKeen

Wayne Ruin’me

Romelu Bukkake

Daniel Shagger

and Oliver Can’t as goalkeeper.

Not suitable for work warning: It is highly recommended not to google the origins of Romelu Lukaku’s last name if you are not familiar with it.

Brilliant! Jason Bent makes a statement outside court (Video)

Simon Brodkin

Simon Brodkin

Jason Bent is a comedy character played by the English comedian Simon Brodkin. Bent is a conventionally dull and not very intelligent footballer, who plays in the Premiership. He has chavvy haircut with blond highlights and speaks with a working-class scouse accent.

On 16 March 2013 Brodkin, dressed as his alter ego Jason Bent, ran onto the pitch during the warm-up to Everton vs. Manchester City Premier League football match. He made an attempt to warm-up with the City players, but was arrested by Merseyside Police for pitch encroachment.

Brodkin was subsequently charged with pitch encroachment under the Football (Offences) Act 1991, and received, on 3rd April 2013, a six-month conditional caution at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre.

Raymond Shaw, Brodkin’s defending solicitor, told the court that the comedian wanted to apologise for the inconvenience he caused.

Shaw said: “It was intended to be a humorous act and intended to be funny.”

“It is clear from the television footage that some of the players were amused but he didn’t know it was a criminal offence.”

“He expressed his remorse immediately when he was spoken to by the club and the police and he does so again now.”

Brodkin left court in his Jason Bent persona, followed by a glamorous Wag-style “girlfriend” called Crystal, and read a series of jokes in a scouse accent.

Check out the video where Bent makes his statement in front of real journalists. He took a dig at Carlos Tevez and John Terry.